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Taipei Zhongshan Hall


2016/12/16-18 Carl Orff Die Kluge

2016/12/16-18 ZhongZheng Auditorium
Long long ago, a farmer found a golden mortar in his field. His daughter
warned the farmer not to give the mortar to the king, because the king
would lock him up when he found the pestle, which is supposed to be in
a matching set with the mortar, was missing. The farmer insisted to hand in
the mortar, then, he had been locked up.
The king felt interesting after hearing what the daughter had said. The
daughter had been summoned by the king and answered his three
questions. The smart woman became the queen, and then live happily
ever after…is it true?
Carl Orff represents this classic story of Grimm's Fairy Tales with a pleasant
tone. Funny music, humorous act, profound philosophy, all makes you to
think, who is the smartest? Of course, the audience.
Carl Orff: Die Kluge
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