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Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Video Gallery
 Video Gallery
 D01.The Corridor at the Main Entrance 1
 D02.The Great Hall and the Corridors on Four Sides 1
 D03.The Auditorium
 D04.Introduction to _Bian Zhong and Bian Qing of Marquis Yi
 D05.The Taipei Chinese Orchestra 1
 D06.The Office of President Chiang Kai-shek 1
 D07.Projection Room 1
 D08.Tu-Shui Huang_s Portrait of Water Buffalos on the Centra
 D09.The Guangfu Auditorium
 D10.Exhibition Area 1
 D11.The Fortress Hall
 D12.The Bronze Statue of Dr.Sun Yat-sen 1

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