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2017/9/27 "Bach To Taiwan" Guitarists from West to East

9/27 Wed 19:30
ZhongZheng Auditorium

Internationally-acclaimed composer citynoah, welcomes outstanding
guitarists from Taiwan and abroad for the innovative “Turning the String”
project. The program is made up of original music by citynoah and others.
He takes transcriptions of music from Taiwan (Nan Guan, Hakka, Aboriginal
and Guqin) and melts them into new classical guitar repertoire.
Featured performers include: Taiwan-born Chia-Wei Lin, who won first prize in
multiple European guitar competitions. And DJ, SLEEPER, who was the first DJ
to draw over 1,000,000 views to a YouTube video in 2009 and has performed
for Apple, ESPN and Red Bull.
This project is supported by The Rainbow Initiative, Ministry of Culture,

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