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2017/10/29 Small City World

10/29 Sun 14:30
ZhongZheng Auditorium

Taking off with the “Ultraspeed Overture” that describes Taipei, “The Fantasy
of Southern Island” will take you to listen the beauty of Taiwan, flying down
to the south to the south-east. “Sister Island” tells you the promise between
sisters, and then turn north for the “Ode to Chu”, the epic poetry, feeling
the love of Emperor Wu Yue in “Blossom in the Strangehood” and seeing the
colorful life of people in Mountain Hao Lien in “The Prayer Rhapsody” as well
as the season changes of Beijing City in “Dream of Jinghua”. Lastly, youth
composer Chihshane Liu created the small world that belongs to us.

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300 500

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