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2017/12/28~29 Wei-Chen Lin, Yu-Chi Kung X TPYO

12/28 Thu 19:30
12/29 Fri 19:30

ZhongZheng Auditorium

World-debut percussion performance "Zalan-Zalan" is a commissioned
original work by composer Wei-Chen Lin. It describes the wholesomeness
and independence of the society and culture of Taiwan's aboriginal groups,
and tells the world the story of what happened on this land.
No. 2 Piano Symphony "Humming the Light-Years" by Yu-Chi Kung takes its
inspiration from the Sodagreen pop group. After the success of the 2016/2017
"Sodagreen: Musical Plan" went off to a successful start, a long period of
incubation has seen the creative evolution of the piece to its current form,
giving fans who love Sodagreen a chance to enjoy a chance to be touched
one more time, to feel the emotions one more time.
In a blink of an eye, we have walked a light-year…

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