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2017/12/3 Young Talents VI

12/3 Sun 14:30
ZhongZheng Auditorium

The TCO Youth Group holds the core values of innovation and diversity, and
after extensive practice, it is ready to bring you many classic Chinese musical
pieces. 'Silk Road' takes you to the fantastical realms of ancient trade routes;
listening to the beautiful melodies of "Reminiscences of Childhood" call up the
memories of the cicada songs that echo through the memories of so many;
the rhythmically wild and energetic "Taipei Rhapsody" lets you experience
vividly the infinite magic and appeal of Taipei City. The concert has been
highlighted by Composer Wu Rui-Cheng's new songs, customized and written
for the occasion, that are interpreted to a new creative level by the group.

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300 500

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