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2017/12/18 Impression•Spain

12/18 Mon 19:00

ZhongZheng Auditorium

The "Impression•Spain" concert is a showcasing of Oscar Navarro's works.
Acclaimed clarinet player Chuang Kai-Wei has been invited to play "Clarinet
Concerto No. 2", and First Chair of the National Symphony Orchestra Oboist
Wang I-Ching will perform Liszt Ferenc's work "Deux Légendes", as well as
bring to the audience the Symphonic Band work "Gods of Mount Olympus"
through ten movements depicting the twelve Gods on the Greek mountain
of Olympus. Composer Navarro's two woodwind concertos are expertly and
dexterously arranged, carving out celestial impressions of the Gods of Mount
Olympus. Both are majestically rendered symphonic concert band pieces
that can't be missed by music lovers such as yourself.

Oscar Navarro: El Olimpo de los Dioses, Il concerto, Legacy~ Concerto for
Oboe and Symphonic Band

Ticket Price
100 300 500 800 1000 1500

Ticketing System
Arts Ticket (02)3393-9888


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