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Taipei Zhongshan Hall


2017/8/30 A Flamboyant Revolution

8/30 Wed 19:30
ZhongZheng Auditorium
2017 Master Series of Wind Music - Yiu-Kwong Chung
"It has a gorgeous sound, and conductor Yiu-kwong Chung drew a wide
range of dynamic contrasts and emotions from the group."
Jon Ross, ArtsCriticATL.com
"A master storyteller, Chung writes with a bold expressiveness that could
come across as phony- yet it does not.....This is a name to watch for."
Ruth Wilson, wasbe.org
“Yiu-Kwong Chung is a real composer, in the classical sense, and his
contributions are the most striking and memorable…. It’s hard to imagine a
sensitive listener not getting worked up over this Concerto”
Raymond Tuttle, FANFARE
Ticket Price
500 800