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Taipei Zhongshan Hall


2017/6/17 Gathering the Book of Songs

2017/6/17 14:30 19:30 ZhongZheng Auditorium

“Gathering the Book of Songs” is a brand new type of literature theatre,
combining speech, Beijing opera, dance, music and multimedia. It is an
artistic, educational and recreational performance. Let you know how close
it might be between classical poetry and modern life.
Cast: Jenny CHANG, I-chih CHEN, Chia-wen CHU, Pi-Yu SHIH, Eddie
Chun-hui LIN, Tzu-ai TSOU &Ting-yu LIN, Min-chin KUO, I-tung PAN,
Chung JEN, Wei-ting HSU
Composer Yun-song CHU: New composed pieces selected from the
Book of Songs.