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1. Venues
A. Zhongzheng Auditorium: Zhongzheng Auditorium is equipped with modern stage facilities suitable for music, theater and dance performances. It is the perfect venue for performances by professional performing arts groups and organizations as well as departments of music, art and dance from colleges and universities.
B. Guangfu Auditorium: Guangfu Auditorium is mainly used for arts and cultural events and performances, academic activities and various types of meetings and gatherings. The scope of events held at Guangfu Auditorium is more varied. As the Taipei City government hopes to encourage citizens to engage more actively in artistic and cultural activities, there is a 60% discount on the rental fee of Guangfu Auditorium when it is used for arts performances.
C. Zhongshan Hall Plaza: The Zhongshan Hall Plaza is usually open to the public for recreational activities, but can also be used for arts and cultural events hosted by local performing arts groups, organizations and schools.
D. Performing Area for Street Artists: The area next to Wuchang Street where a bronze statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen can be seen is a free performance area for local groups and street artists. Interested parties need only to register with the Zhongshan Hall Management Office to obtain rights to use the area.

2. Facilities
A. Zhongzheng Auditorium is equipped with extended stage facilities, multi-purpose suspension systems as well as advanced lighting and sound systems. The audience area provides 1,122 seats, including four seats for persons with disabilities.
B. Guangfu Auditorium is a multi-purpose space that seats 400 to 500 people. It is suitable for conferences, small-scale theater performances, academic seminars and product launch events.
C. The Dr. Sun Yat-sen statue area is open to the public for recreational activities. It is equipped with benches as well as stone seats and is also a free performance area for street artists.
D. Parking Lot: To facilitate events and performances held at Zhongshan Hall, the Zhongshan Hall underground parking lot is open to the public. The fees comply with standard parking fee rates established by the Parking Management and Development Office, Taipei City.
E. Security Services: Zhongshan Hall is equipped with three security guard rooms. Security guards and officers patrol all areas of Zhongshan Hall 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of visitors.
F. Single-window Services: Venue rentals can be applied directly at the “Venue Application” counter of the Business Section in Zhongshan Hall. The Business Section office is equipped with tables and chairs in the writing area, contract-signing area and rest area.
G. Facilities for the Disabled:
1. Wheelchair ramps: installed at main passageways.
2. Wheelchairs: Spare wheelchairs are available at the front door.
3. Restrooms: Two restrooms for the disabled are provided.
4. Parking: Disabled parking spaces for cars and motorcycles are provided in the Plaza.
5. Seats: Four seats are reserved for persons with disabilities at Zhongzheng Auditorium.
6. Service bells: Service bells for the disabled are installed at various entrances.
7. Signs in Braille: Signs in Braille are installed at various entrances, elevator halls and restrooms.
8. Public Telephones: Eight public telephones for the disabled are provided in Zhongshan Hall.

3. Guided tours and consultation:
A. Guided tours are provided during operating hours every day. For organizations or groups with over 10 persons, application for guided tours should be submitted one week in advance, so that scheduling arrangements can be made.
B. The Information Desk offers information and consultation services. Information on performance programs, baggage storage and promotional materials on various venues can be obtained at the desk. Help and assistance will be provided for persons with disabilities.

4. Publicizing and Service
A. Zhongshan Hall actively publicizes all performances given in any of its auditoriums, including in its program handouts, which are printed each season, as well as in the Culture Express pamphlets printed every month for the general public. Moreover, all recent and upcoming events and performances are posted on the official Zhongshan Hall website.
B. In order to improve and increase the quality of service, Zhongshan Hall invites volunteers to work in various service capacities. We feel it is imperative that all audience members attending performances at Zhongshan Hall feel satisfied.

5. Processing and Responding to Suggestions from the Public
A. The main entrance to Zhongshan Hall has a suggestion box so that the public can provide us with any suggestions at any time regarding our services, and we will be sure to provide you with a reply regarding your suggestion.
B. Zhongshan Hall also actively uses questionnaires to determine the degree of satisfaction of the general public regarding Zhongshan Hall so that we can constantly improve our services and meet our goal of putting the customer first.