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-- 2008-11-09 --

Rental Regulations

Venue Use and Management Guide of the Taipei Zhongshan Hall

Announcement No. 09531851500 (2006) by the Taipei City Government on July 24th, 2006

ARTICLE 1 The regulations are set up by the Taipei City Government (TCG) to enhance the use and management of the Taipei Zhongshan Hall and to provide a good environment for citizens to appreciate and perform arts.

ARTICLE 2 The Department of Cultural Affairs of the TCG is the competent authority, and the Management Office of the Zhongshan Hall (MOZH) is the management agency, of the regulations.

ARTICLE 3 The venues mentioned in the regulations are the Zhongzheng Auditorium, the Guangfu Auditorium and the Zhongshan Hall Square, which are open to applications by the public.

ARTICLE 4 The time schedules and fees for the venues are listed in Table 1 to 3.

ARTICLE 5 Applicants for the venues must meet one of the following requirements:

1. Individual applicant: Applicants must be over 20 years old and possess Republic of China citizenship. Foreigners must obtain work permits of the Republic of China. Applicants must have done public performances as lead roles locally or overseas, or have been awarded prizes in local or overseas contests.

2. Performing groups, companies, schools, or foundations: These must be registered in the Republic of China and be qualified to hold performances.

ARTICLE 6 The functions and restrictions of the venues are as follows:

1. The Zhongzheng Auditorium:

(1) Mainly for performing arts.

(2) Applications for showing commercial movies, or assemblies, ceremonies, speeches and any similar activities which are not related to performing arts, are not accepted.

(3) Performances of popular music are allowed only in January, February, July, and August.

(4) The crew for each performance must not exceed 300 persons. The audience for each performance must not exceed 1,000 persons.

2. The Guangfu Auditorium:

(1) Mainly for performances, exhibitions, public symposiums, conferences and cultural assemblies.

(2) The crew for each performance must not exceed 100 persons. The audience for each performance must not exceed 500 persons.

3. The Zhongshan Hall Square:

(1) Mainly for public activities and performances.

(2) Applicants who are artistic workers or performing groups should abide by the Regulations for Street Artists in Taipei. Temporary street performances or exhibitions should not be held when the square is rented, should not disturb other activities, and should be conducted in the area designated by MOZH. Those who do not abide by the articles mentioned above will not be approved by MOZH.

ARTICLE 7 Applicants are not approved if one of the conditions below applies:

1. The purposes of using the venues are disqualified in accordance with the preceding articles.

2. Commercial activities are not accepted except for those specifically mentioned in the regulations.

3. The use of torches, firecrackers, or other hazardous items.

4. Activities which are harmful for the health of others or pose dangers to the buildings.

5. Violations of the law, social norms or customs.

6. Applicants of whom applications are not accepted for one year in accordance with Article 10.

ARTICLE 8 From July every year, applications can be made for the period of January to December of the following year. If there are still open dates on the schedule, applications should be made one month prior to the actual date of the performance. Applicants should submit an application form and the documents required by MOZH. After the approval of MOZH, applicants should pay the rental fee, deposit and other fees before using the venues. However, the higher authorities of MOZH can use the venues for free after paying the deposit. If the preceding steps are approved, applicants are required to purchase the Public Liability Insurance when necessary.

ARTICLE 9 The assessment for applications for the Zhongzheng Auditorium is as follows:

1. Applications will be assessed by the Performance Committee (PC), composed of scholars and experts convened by MOZH.

2. Applications will be assessed by PC in accordance with the content and quality of the program and technical safety concerns for the venue.

3. Applicants will be notified of the result within one month, and the priority of schedule will be decided according to the scores given by PC.

4. Applicants who have passed the assessment but are not scheduled may submit applications for a waiting list within the period as notified by MOZH. Priority for those on the waiting list will be decided according the genre and the assessment scores. Applications for the Guangfu Auditorium and the Zhongshan Hall Square will be assessed by the Performance Committee of MOZH according to the content and quality of the program and the technical safety concerns for the venue. Applicants will be notified within seven days after the assessment.

ARTICLE 10 The supplements below will be specified at the time of application approval. In the event that one of the following items occurs, MOZH will cancel the original approval. The paying fees (including deposits) will not be returned, and applicants will not be allowed to rent the venues for a period of one year.

1. One or more of Subparagraph 1 to 5 of Article 7 are violated.

2. The actual content does not conform to the original application content.

3. The venue is transferred (rented) to a third person.

4. Any misconduct occurs which interferes with public affairs or damages public property.

5. The regulations are violated or instructions of MOZH are not followed.

ARTICLE 11 Unless the date has passed or the event is rescheduled, MOZH shall return the paying fee and deposit without interest after deducting the expenditure when applicants are unable to use the venue due to reasons not attributable to the applicants. Applicants shall submit required documents within thirty days after the cancellation to get the refund. Applicants cannot cancel or reschedule their performance except for the condition above; otherwise, the following may apply:

1. For applicants that cancel their performances one to six months in advance with written materials, half of the rental fee which applicants have paid will not be refunded.

2. For applicants that cancel their performances one month in advance with written materials, the whole rental fee which applicants have paid will not be refunded. Applicants are also liable for the cancellation announcement and ticket refund if the cancellation results in ticketing or promotion problems.

ARTICLE 12 Applications for program changes should be submitted two months before the date of the performance. Upon the approval of change by MOZH, applicants shall follow procedures within seven days upon receiving notification. If the application for program change is not approved by MOZH, the original approval will be cancelled and half of the rental fee, which the applicant has paid, will not be refunded. Those on the waiting list will be notified to replace the applicant.

ARTICLE 13 Applicants shall submit written applications for additional performances or public rehearsals ten days before the date of performance. MOZH reserves the right to accept or deny the applications.

ARTICLE 14 Applicants shall abide by not only these regulations but also the User Notice by MOZH when using the venues.

ARTICLE 15 After the event is finished, the deposit will, after the venue and equipment are checked by MOZH, be refunded without interest. The venue shall be reverted and returned to MOZH within one day after the event is finished. If any damages occur, the applicant should repair and pay an indemnity. If the repairs are not done by the applicant, MOZH will carry out the repairs and charge the indemnity from the deposit. Additional indemnity exceeding the deposit will be also imposed on the applicant.

ARTICLE 16 Any one who enters the venues must not engage in the following acts. Those that ignore warnings will be prohibited from entering the venue and be reported to relevant agencies when necessary.

1. Smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs, chew betel nuts or chew gums

2. Carry illegal, flammable, or explosive items.

3. Enter the venues with pets (excluding guide dogs).

4. Use any tapes or adhesives on internal and external walls of the venues.

5. Drive cars, ride scooters, park vehicles, play water, play skateboard, or engage in other dangerous acts in the square.

6. Engage in other acts prohibited by MOZH.

ARTICLE 17 All fees charged by MOZH are rendered to the city treasury as regulated.

ARTICLE 18 The written forms in the regulations are set up by MOZH.

ARTICLE 19 The regulations are enforced starting from the date it is promulgated.