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2018/3/28 Rueibin Chen & Friends

3/28  Wed 19:30  ZhongZheng Auditorium
Rueibin Chen, a pianist whose artistic spirit goes to the depths of his being,
is a representative figure amongst contemporary Chinese pianists. At the
age of 16, he already won a prize at the Rachmaninoff International Piano
Competition in Italy as a moment of debut, and has since won prizes
repeatedly at international competitions. As his fingers leap and saunter
over the keyboard, tremendous vital force is instilled into the piano. His
impeccable, supremely refined virtuosity leave all viewers in awe. His circuit
performance covers March 28, at Taipei's Zhongshan Hall, and April 23 at
Chiayi City Cultural Center Music Hall, and Taiwan's music lovers will be able
to hear a splendid elite performance by Rueibin Chen & Friends!