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2018/9/8~9 Noise Assembly

2018/9/8~9 Guangfu Auditorium
Asian Meeting Festival (AMF) collaborates with the Taipei Arts Festival to
present Noise Assembly. Over 2 days, Noise Assembly will feature innovative
and experimental musicians throughout Asia that push boundaries of music
and blur the borders between the traditional and the contemporary. A
total of 10 Taiwanese musicians and 5 Southeast Asian musicians will join
AMF Directors Otomo Yoshihide, dj sniff, and Yuen Chee Wai for a 2-night
performance at the Guangfu Auditorium. As in previous editions of AMF,
the performance space will be reconfigured and transformed each night
to create a unique listening experience. The musical program will include
multiple constellations of performances by musicians working together
in various sizes of groupings from small ensembles to A large-scale noise