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2018/8/29 Home Again

2018/8/29 Wed 19:30  ZhongZheng Auditorium
The theme, "Home Again," symbolizes the alumni returning to ChengGong
Senior High School and back to the stage again; both of the conductors,
Geng-yu Chen and Bing-Chung Chin, are also alumni. With the performance
of the euphonium soloist, Jiah-Yeh Li, who has a deep relationship with CKCB,
the whole concert is immersed in nostalgic but still joyous atmosphere with
the ecstasy of returning home. By portraying the meaning of "Home Again,"
we hope the audience to feel the warmness of going back to home. We
sincerely invite all the alumni of ChengGong Senior High School and friends
from partner institutions.