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The director of Zhongshan Hall is appointed by the commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government and supervises all employees working at Zhongshan Hall.
(02) 2381-3137

Business Division
Responsible for venue rental, program assessment, guided tours, general information, program promotion, etc.
(02) 2381-3137 ext. 103-106

General Affairs Division
Responsible for document processing, conferences, examinations, general affairs, remittance of funds, printing and postal matters, financial management, maintenance, etc.
(02) 2381-3137 ext. 221-223

Handles annual budgets, accounting affairs and statistical work.
(02) 2381-3137

Responsible for arranging positions through the transferal of personnel from affiliate organizations, and for handling human resources affairs in accordance with management regulations.
(02) 2381-3137