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Online Reservations

Online Reservations
Currently, Zhongshan Hall does not accept online applications for venue rental. However, an application form may be downloaded (for Guangfu Auditorium or the Zhongshan Hall Plaza only):

Online Reservations (Chinese)

Applications of e-services on internet for Taipei City Residents

Usage for Zhongzheng Auditorium(Performance Room) of Zhongshan Hall (Chinese)

Usage for Guangfu Auditorium of Zhongshan Hall (Chinese)

Usage for Zhongshan Hall Plaza of Zhongshan Hall (Chinese)

(Those wishing to apply for rental of Zhongzheng Auditorium, please refer to Note 2 below.)

Currently, the application form is only available in Chinese. However, the information required by applicants may be provided in either Chinese or English.

For the convenience of applicants who cannot read Chinese, an explanation of the applicant information section is provided below:

Field 1: Name of applicant organization

Field 2: Government Uniform Invoice Number

Field 3: Full name of person in charge

Field 4: Contact telephone number

Field 5: Contact address

Field 6: Full name of contact person

Field 7: Contact telephone number

Field 8: Mobile phone number

Field 9: Contact address

Field 10: E-mail

Field 11:Name of specific venue you are applying for: (Guangfu Auditorium) (Zhongshan Hall Plaza)

Field 12:Desired Date(s) for Use (from) (to) (how many days)

Field 13:Describe nature of performance (event)

(confirm) (reset)


1. The website application form is only for reserving Guangfu Auditorium and the Zhongshan Hall Plaza.

Applications for the Guangfu Auditorium and the Zhongshan Hall Plaza must be submitted one month before the date of performance at the latest.

After applicants submit the form, the scheduled date will be reserved when confirmed available and will remain valid for one week. The Management Office of Zhongshan Hall will review the content of the proposed event, and will inform applicants to submit proposals. Proposals must be submitted via mail, fax, e-mail or in person to the Business Section of Zhongshan Hall within one week. If not, the reservation will be cancelled. Please submit proposals in a Word document using horizontal script, and attach a venue layout plan.

E-mail: ce-207@mail.taipei.gov.tw

Fax: +886-2-23813317

Address: No. 98, Yanping S. Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei 100, Taiwan

2. For Zhongzheng Auditorium performances: Please apply during designated periods. Applications will be assessed by a committee, and the schedule will be determined according to scores.

(1) Submit application forms (one form with two pages) for Zhongzheng Auditorium and proposals (seven copies).

(2) One recorded work including sound (e.g., VCD, CD, video, etc.) is required.

(3) Evaluation fee is NTD1,000.

Please mail or submit in person the three items above to the Business Section of Zhongshan Hall.