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2018/6/2 2018 Hsin Fang Percussion Recital

 6/2  Sat 19:30  Guangfu Auditorium
Strong beats will electrify your body
Throw you into a black hole of visual and sound effects
Open all your senses and liberate yourself
To the infinite possibilities of percussion music
Look for your own frequency
In music
Jacob ter Veldhuis: Goldrush for percussion duo
Per Nørgård: I Ching - The Gentle The Penetrating for kalimba, temple
bells and timpani
Casey Cangelosi: Bad Touch for body movements and tape
Tomer Yariv: Gyro for percussion duo
Christopher Deane: Mourning Dove Sonnet for vibraphone solo
John Psathas: Planet Damnation for timpani and tape