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2018/4/14 Glove Puppetry-Legend of A-Hua-Dan of Tamsui

4/14  Sat 19:30  Guangfu Auditorium
Ah-Huo Chang is an actress in an opera suite, and therefore has been
called actress Ah-Huo. During a performance, actress Ah-Huo's fellow
village members got into a fight with another group, and actress Ah-Huo
was arrested giving cover to her fellow villagers. The time was during the
War between the Qing Dynasty and France. French forces attacked Hu-Wei
(Tamsui), and actress Ah-Huo led a force of 500 fellow villagers to give battle,
as Deity Qingshui the Founder was called to the scene. Miraculously, the
French were beaten back, and the villagers became heroes who saved their