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2018/8/18 TAF - Fun Run

2018/8/18 Sat 16:00  ZhongZheng Hall Square
All The Queens Men, Australia
In homage to our fearless hero Pheidippides, Australian artist Tristan
Meecham runs a marathon (a gruelling 42.2km) on a treadmill, live on stage.
He is supported by hundreds of community performers and athletes from
Taipei, a charismatic MC, a fleet of sassy dancers, a booming soundtrack
and some very special local guest appearances.
Fun Run is a free event for then whole family that has it all: dazzling lycra,
shiny muscles, bounding pom poms and a massive Fun Run Flash Mob
that everyone can participate in. Join the heart pumping action and
countdown; come dance, cheer and watch if Tristan will hit the wall or
complete his quest?