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2018/12/6 Zhong-Aheng High School, Fuxing Senior High School joint Concert

2018/12/6  Thu 19:00  ZhongZheng Auditorium
There is an old saying that goes, “Meet friends in the name of literature”.
Along these lines, the joint concert of Zhong-Zheng High School and Fu-Xing
Senior High School is the quintessential model for, “Meet friends in the name
of music”. Within these two conservatories, these young new musicians have
been cultivated in the classics for many years. Molded by the abundant
inspiration offered by the two schools, these students have become
well acquainted with each other, and now cherish each other, thereby
becoming an incredibly splendid philharmonic ensemble in Taiwan’s musical
culture and in the world. The two schools’ 2018 joint concert is not only going
to surprise you with their creative interpretations of classical music, but will
also take you on a miraculous musical adventure that will be conducted by
the two schools’ hearty young musicians.